we create beautiful wild edible landscapes, where nature flourishes and where people feel native to nature.
permaculture garden design

our philosophy

We humans feel the most at home and are the happiest surrounded by nature. Where being in touch with nature used to be common sense, in today’s urbanisation this is not so normal anymore. At the same time healthy and rich nature is becoming more and more scarce. An unbalanced system. 

We believe that bringing people closer to nature will bring them closer to their happy place. This starts as small as in your garden. See, taste and feel the richness of your garden and you will feel your roots again. Treating these gardens in the most natural way, like small ecosystems will lead to regenerative, healthy pieces of land, boosting our environment. Providing two solutions in one. So let’s start yesterday!

We create beautiful wild edible landscapes, where nature flourishes and where people feel native to nature.

We do this by combining landscape design, permaculture, soil improvement, edible and beautiful plants.

Our specialization

edible landscape design

Our designs should look pretty, but more important about 70% of the plants used are edible. From known species till species you have never heard of before. So both pretty and delicious.


Our designs are based on permaculture principles. But what is permaculture?

"Permaculture uses the inherent qualities of plants and animals combined with the natural characteristics of landscapes and structures to produce a life-supporting system for city and country, using the smallest practical area."
- Bill Mollison, the founding father of permaculture

soil improvement

Soil is (almost) the only thing that matters in a rich and healthy garden. Optimal soil is key to growing plants successfully. We observe, test, advice and help you create the best soil quality in your garden.

(re)connect people with nature and regenerate our land

what does this look like?

Forest house photo

a work of art

your garden is a living painting

Freeman house photo

(re)connect with nature

we will make you love nature again

edible garden

eat from your garden

we create gardens that are both beautiful and edible

Spartan house photo

four seasons of beauty

the season doesn't end in autumn

our team

Jacob Stefensen Photo



Permaculture and plant specialist

As a small kid I played outside 90% of the time. I would dream about a small house in the middle of nowhere, where I would keep my own animals, have a fairytale looking garden with fruits to pick everywhere. How romantic? Today, I make this dream come true by creating these gardens not only for myself but also for you. I know a lot about permaculture, and ensure these principles are applied to the designs we make.




regenerative landscape Designer

I’ve always loved nature. Walking, hiking and surfing are very important to me and being surrounded by the elements makes me feel grounded. Also interested in art and design, I love it when beautiful design and nature meet each other. In a world where nature is on the verge of collapse, I want to be a driver for positive change.